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Plot Holders guide to the Private Forum Area

What is the plot holders private forum and why have a private forum? 


The private forum is a discussion area only for those who are plot holders at the Godfrey Road and Haigh Lane sites. The area is for plot holders to post anything they wish, which can only be viewed by other registered plot holders.  Plot holders may wish to post issues which are for local discussion only and not open to the general public.  Things like this might include - how the site is run, how funds are to be spent, local seed and plant swapping etc.  


How do plot holders get access to the private forum?  If you are a plot holder and you have registered on the website – simply fill in the form below with your full name, username and plot number.  The website administrator will verify you are a plot holder and give you access to view the Private forum area.


How do I use the private forum area?


What does it look like?


Providing you have been given access by the website administrator, login and you will be able to see the private forum area at the bottom of the forum page.  You will see the extra tabs entitled private forum.  Remember, this area is for plot holders only and any discussions will not be able to be viewed by the general public.


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