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Skircoat Green and Haigh Lane Allotments Association is made up of all the plot holders who have allotments on the Godfrey Road and Haigh Lane Allotments sites in Halifax. The Godfrey Road site has been an allotment site since the 1930’s when the land was agreed by the council as allotments for unemployed men with families to support.  Nowadays plot holders can be anybody who is interested in growing their own fruit , vegetables and flowers, and tenants include men, women and  families, and cover the whole age range. The sites are rented from Calderdale Council but managed by the Association.   There is a committee of approximately 12 plot holders which meets on a monthly basis. We produce a quarterly newsletter and run a series of events over the year.  These include a barbecue, Gardeners Question Time and an annual show. We run a seed scheme as well as selling stores of compost, fertilizers, manure etc.  In the summer we have a stall selling surplus produce to local residents and other plot holders. There is a sub-committee which inspects the sites regularly to ensure plots are being cultivated adequately.


The Godfrey Road site covers the equivalent of 52 standard size plots and the Haigh Lane 10. A standard plot is 300 square yards. However most of the plots are divided into two, and we also have a few which are divided into quarters. We would normally only let a half plot at a time.   All plots are currently let and there is a long waiting list. All applications are ratified by the Committee and normally acknowledged by letter. There is one waiting list which covers both sites but applicants can specify which site they would prefer, bearing in mind that the Haigh Lane site is much smaller than the Godfrey Road site and therefore plots become available there less frequently.